Ecosystem Profile Picture: Poland

The global pandemic forced us into a new reality, one that we are still trying to define and adapt to. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, bringing about an unprecedented leap of digitalization.
This abrupt change helped some businesses take off and drove others to the ground. There was a time before the pandemic, and there will be a “time thereafter” - hopefully soon. While we are here and now, let’s figure out where we stand.

The impact of the pandemic on European startup ecosystems has not been uniform. To better understand its extent, we embarked on a journey through various startup scenes, big and small. We took the first Profile Picture in Poland, close to our home. While COVID-19 was an essential stimulus to this analysis, we wanted to dig deeper. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of what’s happening in the ecosystem, we contacted more than 20 international and local venture capital funds active in Poland. We hope that the findings will improve your understanding of the Polish VC ecosystem and help you navigate your actions in these turbulent times.

Accesss the report HERE.