VCLeaders Manifesto

We are living in an era of entrepreneurialism. While there are many passionate and driven entrepreneurs, there are not as many supportive investors. We want to empower great VC investors in their journey to help innovators transform the world. VCLeaders is an educational platform for the VC world to inspire, share and connect great venture capitalists.

Our Story

VCLeaders was born out of a conviction, that there are many passionate entrepreneurs but not as many supportive investors. It all started on a chilly day in 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. We were just starting in the startup world but we had already been victims of some toxic VC practices. After a heated debate over lunch (things had been spiced up by a healthy dose of Indian chili) we decided to do something about it. 

Soon thereafter, we started VCLeaders Academy, an educational program for VC professionals. Our basic goal was to bring more world-class VCs to our ecosystem. We were not entirely sure if this is something one can teach properly, so we needed the best lecturers to maximize our chances. We wouldn’t be writing these words if we hadn’t found them, obviously. But what we really found, were true supporters, who helped us carry the load over the last three years. What these people gave us was a special kind of gift. One that gave us a hint of what passionate entrepreneurs could achieve with the help and leverage given by the best VCs. It’s a gift we want to share with the world. 

Our purpose

Fast forward to today, with several editions of the VCLeaders Academy behind us, we have already proven that we walk the talk. With every next edition, we strive to create more value for the participants. Even with overwhelmingly positive feedback, we feel that there is so much more we can do to make the experience even better. Along the way, we have also better understood our purpose. 

We want VCLeaders to empower great VC investors in their journey to help innovators transform the world. Our goal is to shape the best market practices and help VCs become the best version of themselves. By offering educational programs and resources we intend to inspire, share, and connect. But what do we mean by that? 

First of all, with our brand new Thought Leadership platform, we want to inspire current and aspiring VCs to never stop learning. It’s a space where we will share not only our thinking but more importantly the thinking of successful and acclaimed venture investors.

Secondly, while we will still devote a lot of our effort toward the Academy, we plan to share our know-how and thinking through other channels, including the planned Online Academy. It would provide a chance for the next generations of VCs to consciously enter this rewarding career. 

Last but not least, we want to build a Community of venture capitalists committed to the highest standards. We want to create a space for these people to connect and support each other in their journeys to become the best version of themselves. 

Above all, we intend to stay true to our vision of helping shape healthy startup ecosystems in which entrepreneurs improving the world are supported by the best VCs. 

Join us

We believe in venture capital because of its power to make ideas happen. However, it is people who have the ideas that ultimately put things in motion. That is why, once again, we count on you to help us achieve our purpose. If you share our values and beliefs, join us on our journey to shape the future of European Venture Capital. 

We are excited. We hope you are too! 
Paweł and the VCLeaders Team